.Our Foster Gilbert is ready to start looking for his Family. Gilbert is 2-3yrs old and guessing from his goofy bark could possibly be part beagle but definitely some kind of hound mix. Gilbert came from a hoarding case in Ga with 97 other dogs. When the founder of the rescue Jennifer Brooks went to The shelter in Ga she spotted Gilbert out right away as he was only a few left from this hoarding situation to be rescued. Gilbert came to us very shy and cautious, He did not show any interest in the other dogs. After keeping him separated while still being able to see the group for a little over 2 weeks, we started Leash walking him with the others till finally a switch went off and his sweet little character just started beaming through, he just started walking around pretty much smiling. Gilbert is cautious with new people at first but it doesn't take him long to warm up with the right kind of patience. He is ridiculously attached to Me and My awesome helpers, because I think knowing we are providing him with food, care, and Love and also in a group of happy dogs being closely supervised where they all are kept safe rather than every dog just trying to survive, where he came from. Gilbert honestly, once he settles in, would make a perfect Loyal companion for anyone that has the Love to give him. He is super silly and sweet not high energy but is learning basic manors. He walks good on a leash and takes treats gently. He is Just a little Ham with alot of Love to give and accept. He has done really well with small children and Great with every single dog he has met. He has not met any cats yet, but can if needed, but i can not see this guy having one aggressive bone in his body to anyone. If you are interested in adopting Gilbert you can fill out an application at Meeting him first is a must.


2-3 year old male




Meet one of the most stunning boys in all of the land, Seamus! Seamus is around 1 year old and not only will his looks turn heads but he comes equipped with one of the most endearing personalities! He caught the eye and then melted the heart of a volunteer at ACCT Philly and next thing he knew, Second Chance Rescue swooped in to save him and he is currently living in a foster home with his volunteer friend.

Seamus has a lot to offer whoever is lucky enough to adopt him. For starters, he is one of the most snuggliest dogs around and his favorite thing to do is lounge around with his humans. He's a very easy going guy who is so trusting and loving with everyone he meets. Since he is still pretty young, he can be a little mouthy at times (like when he's excited to see you) but more so in a calm, puppy kind of way. He is easily distracted though and loves a good chew toy (Kong stuffed with treats, Nylabone etc.). He is also a good listener and aims to please his humans. He never met a treat he didn't like and will sit for treats. He will also give you his paw if you ask for it, sometimes even without holding your hand out for it, which is pretty adorable!! Seamus is both crate-trained and house-trained. In fact, if you stayed in bed for 3 days, chances are you would still have to wake him up to go out on the 3rd day. This boy really appreciates a soft, comfy bed and snuggle time to the fullest! He has done good with the kids he's met during his time in foster care as well. His needs are pretty simple; love and affection, a comfy bed, food and some walks and you will have a loyal snuggle partner for life!

One thing Seamus needs some work on is his interactions with other dogs. This is something that is currently being worked on with a trainer and he does not interact with any dogs in his foster home. Although Seamus has potential when it comes to other dogs, he is not comfortable being around them at this point. Adopters should know that although he is a breeze to walk and is so easy on the leash (doesn't pull at all), he will get very aroused if he sees another dog. This is something to be mindful of when walking him and in general. Cats are also a no for Seamus. We all know that none of us are perfect and Seamus is no different but he is pretty darn close in every other way! He has an infinite amount of love in his little heart to give his new family and that is priceless.

Seamus would make the perfect companion for the right family so if you are interested in adopting him please fill out an application at



1 year old male




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