Since 2009 Second Chance Rescue has saved countless dogs and cats; meanwhile, our small dream has grown into an organization with over a million (and growing) Facebook fans. As one can imagine, the costs associated with running an operation of this magnitude are extortionate, and it is only thanks to our amazing team of dedicated volunteers and the benevolent donations of our followers that any of this is possible.



2 years ago we lost our sweet dog Jimi to cancer that took him from us so quick we were in shock. Our other dog who has not know life without another dog in the house seemed so lonely. After a year I found myself thinking of getting a puppy. I put the word out and soon we went to see Stuie at the home of a foster Gina. It was love at first sight.

It has been a year now and he has captured the hearts of all in our family.

Thanks, Gina.


On or around August 4th, 2016, a small 3 year old white and black male American Bully in Atlanta, Georgia was shot three times in the head and left to die.   The circumstances surrounding his shooting were never clarified.  But nevertheless, he recovered in full from his injuries, thanks to the vets at Fayetteville Animal Hospital and SCR, who provided the funds for his recovery.  His only lasting effects from the shooting are a slight head tilt and a half paralyzed face.  After being fostered by Amie Reisinger in Rochester, NY where he had a crash course in patience, tolerance, and unconditional love, my husband and I, eager to add a bully to our home, fell in love with his big bossy personality and applied to him immediately.  By February 2017, he was ours.

He bonded to us instantly.   After being shot in the head, Brutus has every reason to be untrusting and angry.  Instead, when he’s not trying to squeeze his 65 lbs of muscle into our laps, he is at our heels following us around the house and gazing at us while he chews happily on his toys.  He is forever loved and we are forever indebted to SCR for saving his life.

-Ellie Murphy (Brutus’s Mom)


Nano was not brought into this world very pleasantly. Second Chance Rescue wanted him to have the best life he could possibly have, so they allowed ME to help give him a second chance at life. The adoption process was so easy and everyone’s main focus along the way, was Nano’s well-being.  They only wanted the best for him.  I was able to talk to Kristi, Nano’s foster mommy, before we even had transportation set up.  She took great care of my “little” guy while he was her.
I still talk to the people that were involved in the entire adoption process even if they were a small piece along the way. They all care with their entire being. The support recieved from rescuing is amazing. I have the opportunity to contact the other mommy’s and daddy’s of the other puppies from the litter and see how everyone is loving on their puppies.
I am forever grateful at the opportunity that I have been blessed with from Second Chance Rescue. I gained a best friend, a puppy son, a protector, and a love bug from my adoption. Everytime I look at him, I still wonder who needs each other more, I truly understand the meaning behind, “who rescued who?” I will definitely rescue again and will definitely go through Second Chance Rescue.


My wife and I have adopted 2 wonderful dogs over the last couple years from NYC Second Chance Rescue, with Gina Demarco being the local foster mother.  Gina made the process of adopting both the dogs very smooth.  She is committed to matching the dogs to the owners and have both parties happy.  For example, when we were adopting Potato we had adopted Strella a year earlier from NYC Second Chance Rescue and we wanted to be sure that we found a good dog for us as well as Strella.  She let us visit with Potato multiple times over a few weeks and then let Strella and Potato interact prior to our adoption.  Even though both dogs we adopted have completely different personalities they get along great with each other and with us.  As we often say in a joke, Strella is fixed and Potato is fixed, but won’t be surprised if there are puppies some day.  We have adopted other dogs in the past from other places, but of all the places we’ve dealt with NYC Second Chance Rescue and Gina Demarco are the best combination.  


When our beloved dog passed away, it took us a while to consider a new four-legged addition to our family. Once we were ready, Gina asked us loads of detailed questions about what we wanted in a dog. We--of course--wanted everything. One that wasn't too big, but not too small. One that would be happy with the herds of children we have parading through our house. One that could play with other dogs. One that was old enough to already be house trained. Oh...and we really like square heads that can receive a good, solid rub! Within days, Gina had a lead on a new Second Chance Rescue girl, who was a bundle of love. We drove out to queens to meet her and within seconds, she was leaping into my lap--belly up, tail wagging. She's been ours ever since!


In 2013 my children and I welcomed a perfect little dachshund puppy named Harper into our family. Harper forever changed our lives. Every day was filled with happiness and love a much-needed change from the daily sadness we felt over a lost family member. So, when I decided I wanted another dog I knew I wanted a rescue. I wanted to give the same love and happiness to a broken dog the same way Harper brought love, happiness and laughter back into our broken hearts and home. A friend of mine was a member of SCR and I saw all the said stories on their Facebook page and new I needed to love one of those dogs. I emailed SCR and heard back from them immediately. I told them I had a mini dachshund and I needed a dog that would be gentle and loving with her. They quickly sent me information on Chance and the contact information for his foster mom. Gina was so helpful, she answered all my questions, sent me pictures and invited me and Harper for a visit. After a three-hour drive and a short visit, we were in love. My poor abused Chance will never suffer again his days are filled with lots of kisses, daily walks with his mother and playtime with his bossy sister Harper.


Bilbo came from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina and had been previously horribly neglected and abused.  He was terribly thin with his front teeth worn down and countless scars to bear testimony to his very difficult early  life. His death date and time was 2 nights away when we fell in love with him online in October 2014.....from West Chester, Pennsylvania.  We were in a panic to save him but with no way to get him from South Carolina in time.  Second Chance Rescue NY stepped in and did an amazing job working with us and the South Carolina shelter to quickly process the adoption and transport him to New Jersey where we picked him up and he became part of the family on November 2, 2014.


We adopted Kate from Second Chance Rescue through a local family (Gina) who was fostering Kate. We had been looking for a playmate for our Black Lab, Ellie. Some friends of ours had introduced us to Gina and her family and that is how we met Kate. It was very clear from the first time we met Kate that she would be a great addition to our family.  My family and I visited her several times at the foster family’s home. One time it was just me, then my husband and I, then us and our two boys, then my husband and my oldest son.  We also took our dog Ellie over for play dates with Kate and things went very well. The connection between Kate and Ellie was sweet and smooth. The adoption application and process through SCR was easy, too. Gina and her family did a great job fostering Kate and getting her ready for her forever family. Kate has been in our family for two years now and we love her so much. She has settled in nicely with our family. She and Ellie are best friends!


We adopted Ruby on October 23, 2014. We had bought our home earlier that summer and with our new yard, we felt it was a great time to bring another dog into our family.  We knew that we were going to adopt a rescue because Gina, who we would board Izzie with when we needed to, fostered dogs for Second Chance NYC.  We knew we were in good hands - Gina was, and still is, very conscientious about the relationships between people and dogs as well as between dogs themselves.


We adopted Kora when she was two years old. She was timid, thin, and deathly afraid of men, but we could tell that she desperately wanted a family that she could trust. With patience, dedication and love, Kora began to have faith in us. Now, 1 year later, Kora is our healthy, loving, family guardian. She has stolen our hearts and we can't imagine life without her.

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